Tribute to Michael Jackson by his Romanian fans


            Last week, on August 29th, the fans of Michael Jackson all around the world celebrated his… birthday (I also liked his songs, but the birthday of someone dead…. I don’t know…)
            As I understand, there are millions of them in Romania too, but some of them were really very innovative. Look what they did, in the center of the city, in 2 different places!

            I love this kind of “crazy actions”, it is the healthiest way of expressing opinions, feelings, ideas!

            Bravo, guys!



  1. Anca Aug 31, 2009

    It’s impressive…

  2. Gabriela Aug 31, 2009

    Hello Ilias!

    I’m one of Michael’s millions of fans. He is so loved by the entire world, that is why we wanted to celebrate his birthday.
    Elvis birthday is celebrated too.
    It is something we want the entire world to know: that Michael is in our hearts!

  3. Programare Sociala Sep 2, 2009

    Just for the record. There are 3 flashmobs. Romana, Gara de nord & Plaza.

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