Relax, Romania will not collapse.  Don’t confuse a country with its politicians

Relax, Romania will not collapse. Don’t confuse a country with its politicians


– “Everything has frozen, all the investors told me to stop and wait to see what is going to happen”

– “It is absolutely normal, we need to wait for a few days, to see where we are heading to…”

– “No, no, some of them say that they will cancel their projects and leave from such a corrupted country”

– “And who says all these accusations?”

– “Ourselves, the Romanians. Don’t you read what all people say? That this country is the worst of the world…”

– “With all due respect, I don’t think that you know what “the worst country of the world” means. So you consider that these investors will leave because Romanians criticize their country, yes?”

– “Of course. This place is zero, all the politicians are thieves and we deserve what happens…”

– “Allow me to disagree. First of all, when we talk business, please leave aside the populism of TV stations. Then… not all the politicians are thieves…”

– “But they are and they are sucking the country’s blood…”

– “Again. Not all politicians are thieves. Not all of them have bad intentions. I personally know people (yes, a small minority, I admit) that try their best, even in an environment with many incompetents around them…”

– “If someone listens to you, you will be beaten…”

– “Beat me, but listen to me, as an ancient Greek general had said”.

– “These people stole our country and now the investors will leave…”

– “You make a fundamental mistake: you confuse the country with its politicians. Yes, the majority of them are of very low quality. Yes, there are big problems, but the country is consisted of 20 million people…”

– “Yes but they steal!”

– “They do and DNA is catching tens / hundreds of them”

– “But there are more…”

– “So they will continue being busy. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated”.

– “And what about the investments?”

– “A foreign investor does not advance or stop an investment based on feelings of the moment. If you choose to judge only based on feelings, it does not mean that he is doing the same”.

– “So they will not leave?”

– “No, I am sorry to disappoint you”

– “This means that things are not so bad…”

– “There are many problems in the fastest growing economy of Europe, but it is still the fastest and among the healthiest. The economy is in surplus even after all the tax cuts”.

– “But the government resigned, people are on the streets”

“All that happens now prepares the ground for a better Romania, where politicians will be afraid of the people and they will become more responsible. If people manage to remain critical and demanding, this country will rise quicker than you think”.

– “And the investors who said…”

– “Soon there will be a new government or early elections will occur. Both options do not frighten the investors, they will just wait for few weeks. There would be a problem indeed, if we see tomorrow a government doubling salaries and adopting aggressively populistic measures. But I doubt that this is the case”.

– “I remain negative”.

– “I am glad you do. I hope that you will also be in one month from now, asking for the best and refusing to accept the minimum possible”.

– “Why do you say all these? We are the people, we are not to blame”

– “You choose, vote and accept. Use your mind, leave your heart aside and avoid the voices promising easy solutions”.

– “We will see…”

– “We will see and live. Together with the new investors who come over here so as to invest in a rising country”.


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