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Startup or a new company: “One-easy-tool-for-all”: The latest lie about marketing, promoted as “truth”

Today’s world is 1.000 times more complicated than the complicated environment our fathers lived in. Either we create a new company / a startup, or we have an established company, the marketing issue is always a priority and a challenge. It is a priority because every company needs to presents its products / services in  [more]

Startup or new business with many partners: 10 tips so as to collaborate with success

– “We started a new project. We will need your consulting” – “It will be my pleasure. How many people are you as a team?” – “3” – “And who does what?” – “All of us will do everything, we are in the beginning” … – “I will produce, she will sell” – “Has she  [more]

Startup or “New business attempt”: Who are you? What suits you best?

– “I’ve been in almost every possible event that was organized in the last 2 years in Bucharest” – “Why? Is it so difficult to find a girlfriend?” – “Don’t tease me, please. I heard almost every speaker who had something to say, while I read almost everything written online” – “And? How does it  [more]

Startup or “New business attempt”: Their 6 major differences

– “What do you do?” – “I am the founder of a startup” – “How would you define it?” – “It’s great, people say that we will also get investors to fund our ideas…” – “…how would you define your start up?” – “It’s something new that I start” – “But why is it a  [more]

Profitable start-ups without hard work. Is it possible?

– “Happy to meet you, I am …, you probably heard about me” – “Hello, I am Ilias Papageorgiadis” – “What do you do, Ilia?” – “As a family, we are active in Real Estate, Consulting and Commerce. I am more into Real Estate and Consulting, Renewable Energy is my hobby…” – “Nice, nice, I  [more]

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#Colectiv changes part of the Real Estate market

– “The politicians are thieves! The Parliament… the parties… Iohannis… I want them all replaced!” – “What happened? You usually don’t care about politics. Is it the “Colectiv” case that made you upset?” – “I will  [more]

Life lessons, 3: How much does your name cost?

– “For the others, Easter had finished, but for us, the route to Golgotha was just about to start… On Tuesday evening I was back… we gathered in the kitchen for dinner… your grandmother had prepared everyone’s favorite food and a carefully ironed white  [more]

Relax, Romania will not collapse. Don’t confuse a country with its politicians

– “Everything has frozen, all the investors told me to stop and wait to see what is going to happen” – “It is absolutely normal, we need to wait for a few days, to see where we are heading to…” – “No, no, some of them say that they will cancel  [more]