Startup or a new company: “One-easy-tool-for-all”: The latest lie about marketing, promoted as “truth”


Today’s world is 1.000 times more complicated than the complicated environment our fathers lived in. Either we create a new company / a startup, or we have an established company, the marketing issue is always a priority and a challenge.

  • It is a priority because every company needs to presents its products / services in the correct way so as to catch its potential clients’ attention. Otherwise the sales will be weak or zero…
  • It is a challenge because the clients’ criteria to choose your company are constantly changing and they are not easy to understand. Plus, there are so many methods that “used to bring results” but don’t bring anymore…

What is marketing?

If you ask 1.000 people “what is marketing?” most probably you will get 900 – 1.100 different replies and opinions. Yes, there are people who studied this science, but with all due respect, I met hundreds of them and only a small fraction is able to understand the mechanisms of marketing and give solutions based on the real data of the problem.

While it is easy for people to identify other virtues and professions, when it comes to marketing, things are less clear. This is why “a doctor” can be someone who studied medicine, while “a marketing expert” can be anyone, literally anyone.

Too many “cool” guys, as the prime minister’s seat is taken…

Nowadays, it has become “cool” for thousands of people to be “experts”, “coaches”, “mentors” etc. Probably this happens due to the fact that the seat of prime minister is taken and elections take place just once each 4 years (except Greece). While a minority of all these people know what they are talking about, based on experience and / or studies, the vast majority has absolutely no idea about life, business, problems, solutions and where marketing enters in the equation. Eager for quick, easy money, they see the surface of things and “translate” the world accordingly.

Now keep the above and remember that media always searches for new topics that can attract audience. Add the fact that the vast majority of journalists is not obliged to know every subject… The result is that a part of the media not only cannot understand the difference of a startup and a new company, but it promotes all kinds of “sweet people, lost in outer space” as “top experts” without any concrete argument.

(This happens all over the world. Look at a guy who was saying that he was CIA agent for 27 years, he appeared on tv as expert for terrorism, but looks like he was not… FBI arrested him!)

The latest lie that has become almost “mainstream truth” over the last years

But media always needs “something new”. So while the serious professionals have their market, clients and results, the rest are trying to survive usually avoiding hard work. Instead, lately they are using a nice, “catchy” lie: The “one-for-all” solution / strategy that is applicable for all companies, products and services!”

They sell “easy marketing solutions” as if everyone is the same and has the same needs. Ok, if you are careful, you may realize that the majority uses just empty, meaningless words that sound cool. But the problem is here: Many entrepreneurs or starters get the wrong impression that “there are easy solutions for complicated, constantly changing problems. So why should you work hard, when things can be easily done?”

This lie guarantees your failure, but you realize it when it is too late…

A lie pitched as “mainstream truth”

This is a convenient lie is “pitched” to people who are not obliged to know, so no serious arguments are needed. It has been told so many times, that it tends to become “mainstream truth”. So many “experts” are here to sell to you “the Holy Grail of marketing that will change your life”.

But no matter what the liars tell you, the last one who found the “Holy Grail” was Indiana Jones. Unless someone calls you “Indie”, I would like to remind you that the above is a lie that CANNOT help you resolve your problems / build your career / reach your dreams.

You need to work hard so as to succeed and you need to know what you are doing, as you are a unique case, with different problems, challenges and objectives.

What is your opinion?


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