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Finally, Romania in Copa Cogeca: We pay 1 Euro, we get back 100 – 1.000

– “Why do Romanian farmers receive only 138 Euro / hectare / year? Even Polish farmers get 220” – “Because Romania was not member of Copa Cogeca when the subventions were negotiated, so we did not include something for your country in our proposal to the European Commission” The reply of Copa Cogeca official did  [more]

Recapture the most important event of the Romanian BioEnergy sector!

The long awaited Inauguration of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas took place on June 18, 2014, at the Hilton Hotel in Bucharest. In a crowded room with more than 220 participants, everyone agreed that this sector resolves the problems of waste treatment, environment and heating that Romania faces today. Biomass and Biogas (BioEnergy)  [more]

MORE Green Energy in Solar EXPO, Verona: The interest for Romanian PV projects is multiplying

    More Green Energy, a leading Romanian brokerage and consulting company in Renewable Energy field, participated successfully in Solar EXPO, the second largest exhibition in Europe for Photovoltaics which was held last week in Verona, Italy. With the Italian PV market about to "close", the Spanish power producers in court with their government and  [more]

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#Colectiv changes part of the Real Estate market

– “The politicians are thieves! The Parliament… the parties… Iohannis… I want them all replaced!” – “What happened? You usually don’t care about politics. Is it the “Colectiv” case that made you upset?” – “I will  [more]

Life lessons, 3: How much does your name cost?

– “For the others, Easter had finished, but for us, the route to Golgotha was just about to start… On Tuesday evening I was back… we gathered in the kitchen for dinner… your grandmother had prepared everyone’s favorite food and a carefully ironed white  [more]

Relax, Romania will not collapse. Don’t confuse a country with its politicians

– “Everything has frozen, all the investors told me to stop and wait to see what is going to happen” – “It is absolutely normal, we need to wait for a few days, to see where we are heading to…” – “No, no, some of them say that they will cancel  [more]