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Can there be a bigger tragedy than Colectiv? Unfortunately, yes. An earthquake in Bucharest. In the middle of the night…

– “My client has this offer for you” – “It is too low, I have already two better offers by other developers” – “How much do they pay?” – “More or less 30% more than you do” – “But how is it possible? We will both sell at the same price…” – “How much do  [more]

Google and 3 reasons: Why the Romanian Residential Real Estate market has potential

Google: Romanians want to buy a house Our world includes 196 countries and even more territories. Each year Google publishes a map with the no.1 word in the google searches in each country. In the 2014 report, while in other countries people’s first concern is the cost of a cow, a goat or a BMW  [more]

5 small tools that are promoted as “marketing tricks with astonishing results”

– “There is something wrong with me” – “What a rare statement, let’s talk about this” – “I was in so many workshops and seminars, I know how to make marketing campaigns fast, easily and with low budget… but I presume that I am doing something wrong in the implementation…” – “What do you think  [more]

An advantage of the 2008 – 2013 Real Estate crisis: More careful end-buyers

– “We simply did not know, Ilia… we thought that life was a game… our salaries and income was increasing year after year, the prices of the properties were rising week by week… we were not realizing what it meant for us to buy a very expensive property or sign a 30 years’ loan, committing  [more]

The healthiest Real Estate market that Romania experienced since 1990. Advantages and challenges ahead

2007 – “Hello, Ilia, how are you?” (a major banker on the phone) – “I am fine, sir, how about you?” – “I have here someone who has just transferred in our bank 2 million Euros. The money arrived yesterday, he has come today and he is leaving the day after. He wants to buy  [more]

Startup or new business with many partners: 10 tips so as to collaborate with success

– “We started a new project. We will need your consulting” – “It will be my pleasure. How many people are you as a team?” – “3” – “And who does what?” – “All of us will do everything, we are in the beginning” … – “I will produce, she will sell” – “Has she  [more]

Startup or “New business attempt”: Who are you? What suits you best?

– “I’ve been in almost every possible event that was organized in the last 2 years in Bucharest” – “Why? Is it so difficult to find a girlfriend?” – “Don’t tease me, please. I heard almost every speaker who had something to say, while I read almost everything written online” – “And? How does it  [more]

Finally, Romania in Copa Cogeca: We pay 1 Euro, we get back 100 – 1.000

– “Why do Romanian farmers receive only 138 Euro / hectare / year? Even Polish farmers get 220” – “Because Romania was not member of Copa Cogeca when the subventions were negotiated, so we did not include something for your country in our proposal to the European Commission” The reply of Copa Cogeca official did  [more]

Startup or “New business attempt”: Their 6 major differences

– “What do you do?” – “I am the founder of a startup” – “How would you define it?” – “It’s great, people say that we will also get investors to fund our ideas…” – “…how would you define your start up?” – “It’s something new that I start” – “But why is it a  [more]

Market analysis: The 3 “Romanias” and the one you should invest in

Romania has an excellent potential for the years to come. Before investing, choose carefully your target audience Ten years ago… I was going to Raiffeisen bank in Calea Mosilor and I was always surprised by the fact that a particular department was full of clients, at 08.15 in the morning. As I was living nearby  [more]

Profitable start-ups without hard work. Is it possible?

– “Happy to meet you, I am …, you probably heard about me” – “Hello, I am Ilias Papageorgiadis” – “What do you do, Ilia?” – “As a family, we are active in Real Estate, Consulting and Commerce. I am more into Real Estate and Consulting, Renewable Energy is my hobby…” – “Nice, nice, I  [more]

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#Colectiv changes part of the Real Estate market

– “The politicians are thieves! The Parliament… the parties… Iohannis… I want them all replaced!” – “What happened? You usually don’t care about politics. Is it the “Colectiv” case that made you upset?” – “I will  [more]

Life lessons, 3: How much does your name cost?

– “For the others, Easter had finished, but for us, the route to Golgotha was just about to start… On Tuesday evening I was back… we gathered in the kitchen for dinner… your grandmother had prepared everyone’s favorite food and a carefully ironed white  [more]

Relax, Romania will not collapse. Don’t confuse a country with its politicians

– “Everything has frozen, all the investors told me to stop and wait to see what is going to happen” – “It is absolutely normal, we need to wait for a few days, to see where we are heading to…” – “No, no, some of them say that they will cancel  [more]