How did the press cover my press conference on Thursday


Being readers of this blog, you probably heard about my press conference this Thursday. It was the first time I spoke in a press conference only in Romanian language! Next week I hope that I will be able to post the video of this event as well. Those of you who want to read what I said, in few lines, please press here:
Launching Bucharest High Street Retail Market Report

Also, yesterday I had presented to you some secrets for commercial spaces and investments in this segment. You cancheck this text here:
8 "secrets" for Commercial Spaces and 2 Tips for Potential Investors

Media covering my press conference
Today I collected some of the articles that appeared in the media after my press conference. I present them to you, in order for you to have an objective approach of their opinion.

Ziarul Financiar,
Chiriaşii din centrul Capitalei plătesc cu până la 63% mai puţin pe spaţii faţă de începutul crizei

Bancile vor sa isi renegocieze chiriile pentru spatiile stradale

Bursa Constructii,

Trendul renegocierii chiriilor pentru spaţii comerciale va continua în 2011

Chiriile spatiilor stradale din Bucuresti au scazut cu 50%

Start Ups,
Chiriile pentru spatiile stradale din Bucuresti s-au redus cu 30% – 60%, in ultimi doi ani

IBP Real Estate
Bancile vor sa isi renegocieze din nou chiriile pentru spatiile stradale

Chiriile magazinelor din Bucuresti, mai ieftine cu pana la 60%

Curierul National
Proprietarii de spaţii stradale se vor confrunta cu un nou val de renegocieri


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