Happy “Martisor” Day! (Back from Sweden)


Good morning to everyone and happy “Martisor” day! Today Romania celebrates its entrance in spring, after a cold winter (which is expected to extend in March too). I wish to all of you to seize the day, following all customs, if possible!

As regards to me, I am back from Sweden, after a weekend there with my brother Nikolas and two meetings with investors. They are interested in Romanian properties. It was my first time in a Nordic country and the experience was really very interesting…

I am very happy with my brother, who accepted an offer and he returns to England, becoming lecturer in one of the top 10 universities of the country. It is the result of his hard work and commitment throughout the years. (This is a common thing we share, all three brothers: We work a lot, maintaining our principles. Dad’s and Mom’s work, I would say).

PS. Regarding the Swedish investors… I will not tell you the discussions I had about them, I never disclose private conversations like these. But I will give you the overall report about foreigners and their opinion for Romania next week, as I will attend MIPIM Real Estate exhibition once more.


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