Too bad you can not be here with me, at Cannes, to share 5 experiences of mine…


Hello to everyone from Cannes. MIPIM, the no.1 Real Estate exhibition of the world, enters on Thursday, the last of the “hot days”. There is Friday as well, but 95% of the work is done during the first 3 days here.

This MIPIM was different than 2010, a bit better. But it also provided me with plenty of important experiences. Too bad you can not be here with me, to live what I live, to hear all I hear and to realize how different are things in reality, than what you consider…

Today I decided to share with you 5 of these experiences. I hope that they will be useful to you, helping your approach to different problems and issues.

  1. Turkey has a strategy of promotion. Poland the same. Czech Republic as well. Hungary of course, as long as other countries in the region. Romania, as country, is absent from MIPIM, without a strategy to promote itself as investment
  2. The Romanian presence is weak. Either most Romanian people don’t believe in the country’s potential, or they just don’t believe that the time is right. We were just few people this year, representing Romania. Who knows? Maybe the budgets were very strict as well, even for events like this.
  3. The vast majority of foreigners consider Romania as a place where they lost money. This is it, take it or leave it. Instead of trying to explain that “they did not”, we should improve the business environment, in order not to lose again for wrong reasons.
  4. People want to hear arguments, not sentimental sweet words. When I talk about investments in Romania, I structure my arguments and I focus on the country’s real potential. As people tell me, they are very tired and upset with anyone who proposes to them investments using a “sentimental approach”.
  5. The competition is hard for Romanian properties. Investors have excellent options in other European countries, like England, Poland and Czech Republic etc. They choose them for one more reason: They can easily justify their decision to their shareholders. And there are still lots of problems ahead, which will keep the prices attractive, in most of European markets.

On Monday I will share with you much more about MIPIM. The first impression is not the best possible, but let me check the situation tomorrow as well…

Greetings for (quite warm) Cannes!

PS. Yes, I still managed to find some new investors…



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