MIPIM buzz: 5 European stories that worth your attention

Hello from Cannes! As MIPIM continues dominating the discussions of all property experts around the world, today I decided to share with you 5 interesting stories about parts of Europe. You see, in order to understand the situation in Romania and the way the foreigners look at the country, I consider that it is important for us to get familiar with their approach about countries and cities in general.
This story sets a question regarding the dynamism of Poland and the potential of its cities. When I am telling you that all people talk about it, I suggest you to have a look in one of their approach too.
Too many people discuss about distressed opportunities of properties around Europe. This is an interesting discussion between some of the biggest investors in the world, exactly on this topic.
Romania belongs to Eastern Europe and it expects to attract attention by the investors who seek opportunities in this area. But as nothing remains idle in life, in the last years we have the rise of two cities in the region: Moscow and Istanbul (Constantinopolis is its Greek name). What does it mean for them to be considered as “world cities”?
Hungary is in recession since 2007. After four years in this status, how does its office market look now? It is important for us to know, because once the investors leave Poland, they are supposed to focus on Hungary, before reaching Romania…
We keep on talking about Germany’s recovery, as a vital component for Romania’s recovery as well. What is going on with German cities though? Are they able to… “rescue Europe” as the title of this subject states? Sounds provoking to me. What about you?
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