MIPIM buzz: How do investors think? What is the investment environment we live in?


We keep on talking about investors, whom we expect to return in Romania. We hope that they will come soon, in order for the market to unblock and restart. But do we ever try to “enter in their shoes”? Do we care to understand how they think, approach business and finally decide for an investment?

Today I have chosen for you some discussions and articles about exactly this topic: The investors. All these happened at MIPIM of course.

“Potential investors go toe-to-toe in this entertaining project showcase. Are the business angels buying?”

How do you convince an investor to give you his money? Here you have an entertaining discussion, with advices and tips for a developer to follow. A really interesting topic…

“Capital requirements: understanding what sovereign wealth funds are looking for when investing in property”

We keep on listening about the famous sovereign wealth funds. They represent the cash reserves of a country and their priority is to make sure that no major risk will be undertaken. This is a rare opportunity for us to listen to a discussion about this issue. It is good for you to have this discussion in mind, when you listen to people promising major investments from (usually Arabic) countries…

“Towards a better investment marketplace: reporting, regulation and risk”

The world is changing fast… In the new environment that is created nowadays, reducing risk is a major challenge for everyone. However is it easy? Plus what is the use of implementing very strict rules while we struggle to sustain European recovery? A “star” panel has the answers for us:

“Closing the performance gap between emerging and mature markets”

RICS is an international reputable organization, for which we will talk more in the near future. His President, Mr Robert Peto, presented its latest survey, which gives us a better outlook of what is coming up in the near future. Have a look at the relevant article here:

Monday: A major surprise – a national exclusivity


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