Wednesday at CPI: Ask me whatever you wish. I will have to reply in 90 seconds…


CPI is “Clubul Profesionistilor Imobiliare” (Real Estate Professionals’ Club), a project organized by They are the only ones so far who have managed to gather every month different Real Estate professionals, in order to discuss about the market, the trends and ideas of how to become better. I consider it as an important platform to exchange opinions, even to build some collaboration with other people who share the same principles and ideas.

This Wednesday at 19.00 I am invited to be the speaker there. I will talk about Cannes and MIPIM. What happened there and what it means for the Romanian market.

But most of all, I will try to accomplish an interesting challenge:

  • Everyone there will be able to ask me a question
  • I will have to reply in just 90 seconds

It sounds interesting to me. How does it sound to you?

If you like the idea, I wait you there as well, to reply to your question too…

(To see more details about how to come etc, please check here)


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