10 + 1 new Real Estate stories that makes us wonder if they are true…


Hello. As 1st of April is the day of lies, I thought about sharing with you some stories that I heard over the last weeks (by very serious people) and you will decide if they are true or not…

  1. “Tens of major international investors are ready to enter in the Romanian market during the following months”.
  2. “There are at least 4 – 5 banks that literally sit on tons of cash and they will start injecting it in the market over the following years”.
  3. “There will be a new real estate law, which will organize the whole market, from scratch”.
  4. “The transaction of the year is being prepared, with the property under question to exceed 100 million Euro value”.
  5. “Many residential developers prepare new projects, in order to be ready in 2013 and benefit from the expected lack of good product then”.
  6. “Another 2 luxury retailers check the Romanian market in order to enter”
  7. “There are more transactions in 2011 comparing to 2010, especially in the field of income properties&rdquo
  8. “There will be news in the banking sector quite soon. Banks are about to be sold, while others will proceed in more aggressive asset sales assuming losses”
  9. “Prima Casa IV lowers the State’s help to half of the loan and the banks will have to assume the risk for the other half. A new world is rising”
  10. “One of the Malls which is “successful” rented a very large surface of several thousands of sq.m. with a low price, almost double than the cost to rent a warehouse”.
10+1.“The actual demand for residential properties is approximately 4 times higher than last year, but transactions are not so impressive”.

Enjoy your day!


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