Why I start the social campaign “Real Estate is Good”

I was not born as a Real Estate consultant, I admit it. I used to work in commerce since I was a child and then I started doing journalism. In parallel it was psychology and economy that fascinated me. Right after I entered a chapter of political campaigns in my life. And then Real Estate invaded, some 8 – 9 years ago. Only when I came to Romania did I realize what Real Estate was. Before coming here, I thought that I knew, but “all I knew was that I knew nothing at all”. Years of hard work, hundreds of clients, thousands of experiences helped me learn some things. 
Since 2004 I spend most of my time in Romania and work here as a Real Estate consultant (mainly). I am proud of what I do and I am proud of the results of my actions. But…

No one talks about the most important effects of the Real Estate industry on Romanian society

I am the first one who will tell you that Romanian market has many people who are not professionals at all. But this does not mean that everyone here has a low level of qualifications or bad intentions. There are many serious professionals out there, many more that you can even imagine. At the same time, when some people talk about Real Estate, they forget the fact that tens of professions are involved and it is not just about Real Estate brokers or consultants. From lawyers to bankers, from architects to builders, a whole world of people creates what we call the “Real Estate industry”.

During the last years, especially once the economic crisis became part of our lives, almost all the public discussions about Real Estate are negative. I decided to invest some time and make a small research in the past, trying to identify articles in the media where the positive effects of Real Estate were analyzed. Well, I did not find any. I don’t see anyone talking about how important Real Estate is for Romania…

“Someone must do something”…

I am not the only one who noticed this. There are many others who realised this problem as well and consider it vital. In many discussions everyone agreed that “someone must do something about this”. But the business routine, the crisis and the daily challenges that we all face do not allow most of them to act as they would like to.

So how can we create a better future for this industry, if we don’t start with the basics?

I know about campaigns and I don’t want to be president of any association. I have a good relationship with a lot of people, a result of my professional activity during all these years. Plus I really believe that Real Estate is important, vital for Romania and its future.

A major social campaign starts today

This is why I decided to start this campaign today, the day we celebrate Europe’s day. It will last for 8 weeks and it will include many (smaller or bigger) surprises. During these 8 weeks you will be invited to discuss the importance and the positive effects of Real Estate in Romania, as this campaign continues to unfold. In case you want to personally support this initiative, you will also be free to state your opinion and suggest your proposals.

There is a dedicated site for this campaign, in two languages. www.imobiliarelesuntbune.ro end www.realestateisgood.ro. I invite you to acces them, read the declaration and, if you agree, sign it.

Your signature counts more than you think
Many of you will say: “So what? Why should I vote for this campaign? My life will not change tomorrow by signing”. This is true. But if you sign and sustain the campaign, you will:

  • Be part of the first social campaign of its kind in Romania
  • Have the opportunity for your opinion to become more visible and to be heard
  • Send a strong message: There are also serious professionals in this country
  • Start changing many mistakes of the past
  • Be proud of the result and share the success

Now you are the one who decides what you want for your future. You can be part of this campaign’s success and be a clear winner.

I have signed for this campaign. 
What will you do?

Tomorrow: Questions and answers regarding this major social campaign.


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