Can a person invest in “green” energy without creating a company?



Some days ago one of my readers sent me a very interesting question regarding “green” energy. Mrs. Valentina asked me:

“I would like some details on wind energy for private persons. From what I know this type of energy is not (yet) included in the list of "green energy" that will receive grants / sponsorship. Are there any changes predicted?”

My answer to her is valid also for all of you who are interested in this field:

The amendments of the law 220/2008 republished at the end of August 2011 contain refferences to the sponsorship of physical persons that can be found in the modified 12 Article, paragraph 6 of the decree itself .

The 12 Article , paragraph 6 from the law 220/2008, mentiones the following things: The resulted amount  from the application of the stipulations in  the 5th paragraphis used by the Environmental Fund Administration to finance investments in the production of energy from renewable resources by physical persons that accomplish the energy capacity with installed power of at most 100 kW.

Take into consideration that the 5th paragraph talks about the penalties from the suppliers/producers that don’t achieve the established quota of purchasing a determined number of green certificates.

So we can  extract the following conclusion: the amended decree stipulates the posibility for physical persons to obtain sponsorship for Green energy project(the law does not specify a certain category, so we can take into account all types of renewable energy) but only small green energy projects(max 110 kW) will receive financing from the penalties paid by the companies which do not acomplish the required number of green certificates.

Evidently another procedure interferes here, which has not yet been made public. I can only be optimistic  enough to say that until April 2012 we shall not make acquintance with it.


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