What is the link between Pinocchio and the Romanian Real Estate world?



Hello from Cannes. I arrived today in the morning, after a small.. adventure with my flights. (No, I will not complain. The problem was caused by Alitalia and the airport of Rome, so everything is ok. Of course, if the same issue would have been caused by Tarom and Otopeni airport, I know lots of foreigners and even more Romanians who would start their stories with “what do you expect? This is Romania…”)

Never mind. We finished with the preparations and we are ready to start working at the exhibition tomorrow morning!

But as I was walking through the small streets around Palais de Festivals, I discovered something. It was Pinocchio, riding a bicycle, but he wasn’t going anywhere. Instantly this reminded me of the Romanian Real Estate market. Why? Because…

1.      There are still too many liars out there (unfortunately their nose does not grow that long). There are serious people as well, but there are more liars…

2.      They work and lie every single day…

3.      But this does not help them improve. They never get anywhere.

4.      Time is passing by and they continue lying…

5.      So they are doomed not to change their status.

All these are perfectly described in the video you can watch here:










Wouldn’t you make the same connection?


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