MORE Green Energy finishes 2011 with one more transaction



5 MW of Solar signed, in negotiation for more projects, in all Green Energy sectors.

As 2011 is about to end in a few days, MORE Green Energy continues its active work in the Romanian Green Energy market. Last week the company participated in the transaction for one more project with a capacity of 5 MW Solar Energy. The project is located in the Southern part of Romania and it is expected to be constructed during 2012.

But this is not all. Right now the company is in advanced negotiations for more Green Energy projects. “We are verifying the last details for 3 wind projects that our clients have selected, but we are also analyzing more cases, in wind, solar, hydro and biomass. The interest is still high and it will remain so during the first half of next year as well” commented Mr. Ilias Papageorgiadis, CEO of the company. “2 of the selected wind projects have a capacity of less than 100 MW, while the 3rd one is over this threshold”.

But things are not so easy. “Financing is difficult and it will be even tougher next year. This is why many investors are cautious when it comes to this issue. At the same time we thoroughly verify every detail of a project, because many times things are not as they are presented. But overall, once a good project exists and its price is attractive for the investors, the transaction proceeds without major delays”.

When it comes to Green Energy, the question most often heard is: “Is it a good moment for someone to invest in Green Energy in Romania?”

It depends. If he knows the business and he is careful, yes it makes sense, but he shouldn’t expect mythical profits. Attentive, well prepared investors will achieve success. But many others will face trouble, as the market is not an easy one”, Mr. Papageorgiadis concluded.


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