2012: the 4th year of crisis. Still almost half of the Real Estate agents are completely unreliable…



Sometimes I wonder… is it the fact that these people were educated by their families like this? Is it the “training” they received from their companies? Is it their “natural talent for wrong behavior”? What is the secret that does not allow almost half of the Romanian Real Estate agents to be serious and respect their clients?

Look at what a reader of mine sent to me 2 weeks ago:

“ I started looking to buy an apartment. I contacted a real estate agent and told him that I wanted to pay in two installments, a few months apart. He immediately told me that it was almost certain no one would agree to this.

I’ve noticed a slight increase in prices.

I’m a little afraid of an inflation that would devalue the capital in the bank – which is why I am trying to safeguard my money by investing it in a sure thing. Who knows if this is right …? ”

So his agent, probably using his vast experience in negotiations and techniques to protect his clients, replied on behalf of the owner, preventing the client from stating his proposal.

I am proud that I am working in the Romanian Real Estate sector, but I do not support all these unethical behaviors. This is why whenever you find an unserious “Real Estate broker” (I also call them “taxi drivers”, as they just drive you right and left without being able to offer something more), simply punish him by ignoring him. Don’t lose your time with this kind of people.

What is your approach?


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