Should I give these people a chance to be hired?



My company has once again started a procedure to enlarge its team, in order to support our ambitious business plans for this year. New domains of activity, major events etc. require more colleagues to implement them with success. This is why we posted 4 announcements and we started checking candidates…

A young gentleman wants to be hired…

In the very first hours after the job posts were published, I received a message sent to my company’s email:

"I know it might be too forwards, but don’t you have some job openings? ( student, 20 )"

Some “professionals” want to join our team

But this promising young gentleman was not the only one who seemed “dead set on” to work with me. In the following days I received hundreds of CVs.

I can tell you that I was impressed by the level many candidates displayed in their resume. A serious approach, a professional one, makes me feel comfortable that I will be able to find quality people for my team.

In the past I used to complain that the majority of applicants were not prepared. Now I am happy with the level of seriousness that the majority presents. Now the problem is with the minority of the candidates. But by checking this minority, I spotted some “professionals” who want to join our team. Their approach is similar to:

·         “I don’t care for what positions you have openings, I just need a job. Hire me, Ilias” (as if we are friends, or we both joined the army the same time) or…

·         “I don’t know what is your company and what is your field of activity, but I need a job. Take me” or even better…

·         “I have decided to accept new challenges in my life, so if you decide that you want someone like me, I might accept to grant you an audience and hear your offer”.

Do these people really need to work?

There is probably something missing in the picture, something that prevents me from realizing the real meaning of such an approach. I had the impression that we are living in the midst of a major economic crisis and that people respect themselves and their jobs.

But all these phrases (and similar ones) make me wonder: Do these people really need to work? Or do they just want to prove something to themselves? Maybe they need to feel important? Who knows … At the end of the day, a Greek proverb says “the human soul is an abyss”.

My only relief is that I am not the only one. Many friends of mine working in companies bigger than mine guaranteed that “I am just a beginner” in all these.

Should I give them a chance to be hired?

I discussed the issue with many people. I personally consider that when someone approaches a company like the first young gentleman or like the others mentioned, he does not deserve a chance not even to be interviewed. If you don’t respect the company you apply to before you are hired, why would you respect it afterwards?

Some told me that I should “give young people a chance”. I want to do this, with all my heart. My team is already young. But one thing is being young and another one is being young without self-respect and respect for others. If a young person wants a chance, we all know that he does not have working experience. But at the same time he / she has to start with a minimum of manners and an intelligent approach.

I have decided that I will not give a chance to people who don’t respect themselves and my company. I am proud of my colleagues today, their character, level of professionalism and ability to deliver results. So I want the future ones to make me proud as well, with their behavior, principles and working skills.

What is your opinion?


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  1. Anonymous Coward Mar 24, 2012

    You may be right …
    But then again, during my studies, I once spotted a guy which was extremely uneducated. And had correspondingly low expectations. His view of the world was extremely limited. OTOH, he was really smart. Really really smart. It just so happened that where he lived until then (in a very remote, isolated rural area, his isolation being further increased by the rules enforced in his family) did not let him experience anything. He didn't even have a strong set of moral values – socially he was a small child.
    I didn't follow his evolution. But I keep wondering if investing a few years in educating such a guy would pay off or not – I mean, could you develop his native intelligence, and make this person a really valuable member of society, or is such a bad start in life something you can't overcome in spite of all possible help?

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