An unexpected… “exorcism”


My company has started a new procedure to add colleagues to our team. This happened in 2 parts. We are preparing new projects and the challenges ahead require a strengthened team. This is why I started with an announcement on Linkedin ( last year and I continued this year with Romanian job sites.

This was one of the announcements:

More or less the text I published on Linkedin went something like this:

“As the year is about to end, I am preparing my company's structure for an exciting 2012. This is why I wish to strengthen my team with 3 – 5 professionals. They will work in Bucharest, Romania.

I am searching for serious, dedicated and honest people, intelligent and able to deliver the expected tasks at the right time. I want to find the ones who wish to make a step forward in their career and join a successful team with plenty of interesting projects for the year to come. 

I would like to hire:
– A Personal Assistant
– A Real Estate expert and a Real Estate Broker / Consultant.

– 1 – 3 Project Managers / Business Developers, in order to implement our unique projects. 

Please contact me here for more information and you will receive all the necessary feedback.



(The text for the job sites was more “official”).

One of the replies…

Many persons contacted me indeed. Some of them had visible qualities. You can see that not only by reading their CV, but also by the way they express themselves. I chose several candidates, from whom I hope to choose the new members of my team in April.

But except these, I also got one more. It came from a gentleman I did not know, Mr. X (let’s not confront him…)

Mr X’s text to me

“Hi, Ilias! 

I believe I am the right person either for real estate broker or business developer position! 
Please see my Linked In profile or send me a direct e-mail at ..
I previously helped two of my employers develop and enter the Romanian market. Why shouldn’t be your project(s) my next challenge for success? 

Best regads, 
(his name)

My reply to him…

“Hello Mr. …, 

As far as I know, it is quite early for us to talk like "Ilias" and "X”, don’t you think so? 

Personally I do not search for people to HELP me, but for colleagues to work together with me and succeed. 

It looks like you are asking me to read your profile, but you have not bothered reading mine. I entered the Romanian market some 8 years ago, so there is no relevance with your previous experience. 

I kindly ask you to find out who we are and what we do as a company. Then if you consider that you would like to join our team, let me know and I will send you my email, in order for you to send your CV and start the recruiting procedure. 

Best regards 

Ilias Papageorgiadis

And then “the gates of hell” opened…

“Dear Mr. Papageorgiadis, 

I'm sorry if I started all wrong by calling you by name. Certainly an unforgivable mistake from you…but I gave it a try since I have worked previously with multinational companies and not even top CEOs wanted us to call them by their last name…of course, in front of a client it's a different story! 

Help, Mr. Papageorgiadis, you will need since the Romanian real estate market is crushed and believe me, no one will come to work with you just because you are a good pal or leader, everyone will come for the money, and if you need professionals, they will come for a lot of money. And help is what you need for the second crisis that will hit Romania next year…. 

By the way , I have seen your profile thoroughly and trust me I have never seen a poorer one. For someone with no superior studies, meaning faculty/university, who has been a CEO all his life, this means your father had a lot of money to spend on you! 

In short, I wish all the best with your affairs in Romania, because it’s my country and I wanted it to develop, but please do hire professionals able to provide you with sales experience, help and knowledge, rather than graduates to be your colleagues and eat from the palm of your hand, call you Sir and add no value to your companies. Count me out! 
Please do not reply or comment! 

Have a nice day, Sir!”

My reply to him was short

“Thank you for your words. I wish you all the best”.

PS. I have not posted this article just because this gentleman was an “interesting” exception. I received many other emails – messages from people who were nothing if not polite with someone they did not know. Or others who sent me a message like “check my profile and if you will make me an offer, I will think if I will accept it”.

Guys, wake up! It is 2012, not 2007! 


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