Real Estate Perspectives: Interview with Dan Mihoci, Casa Ta, Iasi


Q: How did 2012 start for the residential market in Iasi?

Dan Mihoci: The real estate market is headed towards normalcy, without “sentimental” pretentions of the seller or unfounded requests from buyers with an evident need for consultancy, for both buyers and sellers. Despite the bad weather and the economic and political instability, the real estate market is an interesting chapter for everyone.   

Q: In 2011, the year started with a high level of interest but few transactions. How did the market evolve last year?

DM: 2011 was not the best year but, certainly, not the worst.

The political and economic instability as well as the “frozen” bank sector lead to a small number of transactions. Still, the offer and demand remained above the breakdown quota which allowed a certain movement on the real estate market.

Q: What area do you cover and how does it compare to the rest of Iasi?

DM: Iasi is similar in size to one district of Bucharest, a fact that allows us to cover it in its entirety.

We cover both the residential and commercial sectors.

The commercial segment is a priority for us, proof of that being the number of exclusive representation contracts.

The residential segment is not neglected either since the real estate company “CASA TA” is developing a residential project.

Q: Opinions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of being part of a francize are mixed. What is your opinion?

DM: Certainly being part of a francize can be useful. It depends on the level of communication, honesty and involvement of the parties.