Real Estate Perspectives: Interview with Rodica Pop, Consulting 4 you, Cluj


Question: How did 2012 start for the residential market in Cluj?

Rodica Pop: For the residential market, the start of 2012 seems promising, taking into consideration the requests for 2 and 3 room apartments in particular but also for houses with a budget of 150.000 – 250.000 Euro.

Q: In 2011, the year started with a high level of interest but few transactions. How did the market evolve last year?

RP: In 2011, the real estate market was interesting because, surprisingly, the number of transactions on the residential market increased, as well as rentals on the industrial and office segments. There were also quite a few requests for agricultural lands with large surfaces (over 300 ha), lands for logistical parks and Horeca. 

Q: What is the area you cover and how does it compare with the rest of Cluj?

RP: Since 2010, we are active at a national level, through the @ For sale By Owner@ concept. In Cluj, Harghita and Bistrita Nasaud we have offices and in the rest of the country we have collaborators. Compared to Cluj, the Romanian market is interesting in terms of demand. If, for example, we have a demand in Harghita for a mineral water factory , the transaction can be a very good one but on the residential segment, Harghita is a very slow market compared to Cluj. In conclusion, all I can say is that we adapt to the demand on a national and international level, when it is required.

Q: Opinions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of being part of a francize are mixed. What is your opinion?

RP: The advantages of being part of a francize are, without question, quite a few. In January of 2007 I had a discussion regarding the possibility of joining the Remax network.

The approach of the Consulting 4 You company is a personal one, based on the legal conditions and the needs of its clients, both owners and buyers, in Romania. The exclusivity contract is a good one but seems hard to implement on the current Romanian market. In conclusion, we have 2 options: attempt to implement a new system, such as an international francize, and as such a new approach, new conditions, exclusivity contracts etc. or to adapt to the current conditions. Our goal is to intermediate the sale, which is why we choose the best solution in order to aid our clients and, ultimately, to be able to function.