The crisis hides opportunities: Time for “energy saving” villas


Two years ago I shared with you my prediction that “we are entering a new generation of residential developments, smaller projects with less surfaces, better organized and planed, lower monthly costs and maximum flexibility”.

(You can check my text here)

As we all witnessed, this has been the trend since then. All developers of new projects pay attention to the above mentioned factors and focus on efficiency and attractive prices.

Now it looks like we will face the second part of this new generation: “Energy saving” villas.

No reason to be surprised that one of the leaders of this trend is Mr. Dan Ioan Popp who presented his project last year. Together with him there are more entrepreneurs who “play their cards” in this sector. But now I keep on meeting companies who are willing to invest furthermore in this direction, presenting acceptable homes, with good quality of materials, maximum standards of energy efficiency and very low monthly costs of maintenance.

If you intend to buy / build your own villa, make sure that you will check their offers as well. Don’t choose the first option you find.

The crisis hides opportunities, forces real business people to think and create new, better and more suitable products for you. Don’t ignore them.

PS. Don’t expect me to start telling you the names of the companies that are offering these types of projects. This is the journalists’ job.

What is your opinion?