The short story of an arrogant “entrepreneur”. Becoming rich by mistake does not necessary mean that you are also intelligent


* the article was first published on the 27th of February 2012

2010. A big Romanian city.

The arrogant gentleman was sitting on his chair, enjoying the moment. He was laying back, while the 2 Real Estate consultants were praising him. His lawyer and accountant did the same more or less. He had just sold a property to “someone from Bucharest for 600.000 Euro” and in the middle of crisis he was indeed wealthy.

He was feeling rich, almost like a “small god”. He was arrogant to almost everyone and they were accepting this treatment, as he was about to pay their commission or reward them for their work. At the end of the day “he had money”. He was saying, “people like me, true entrepreneurs…”

What were his next steps?

·         Of course a new car for himself, cabrio.

·         Then a divorce

·         Right after a girlfriend (a car, plus more “proofs of love” for her)

·         An apartment for himself

·         One more apartment for his sister.

This is what “entrepreneurs” do, right?

With the rest of the money, he invested in a restaurant. Don’t ask about his strategy… He knew everything and created what he considered to be the right option. (Correct, why should he care about what his clients want?)

As it usually happens in these cases, he was “cheap” with all his suppliers, but at the same time he paid big sums of money for stupidities. His new girlfriend was also there, “the lady of the house”, moving around with even more arrogance, showing off her new clothes to everyone ready to be an audience for her…

2011. The same big Romanian city.

In less than one year, this “true entrepreneur” managed to lose everything.

·         The girlfriend (who was crazy in love with him) left him soon enough, for one of the restaurant’s clients.

·         The restaurant… This business “buried him alive”… while he was “playing the boss”, he managed to lose all his capital and not only.

·         Add the casino to the list. As all respected entrepreneurs, he became a member there…

·         Hi sister discovered Louis Vuitton in Bucharest and in 6 – 7 European capitals. She also found herself a new boyfriend. The relationship was serious, they were one step from the wedding when he found out that her new status was “no money – no honey”. One more true love died…

·         The apartments were sold to pay part of the debts. Needless to say that he refused to sell them to a bloody foreigner for a low price. He chose a Romanian loan shark (“camatar”) for even less. And there was a strong reason for this: The foreigner was tough with him, telling him the truth. The loan shark was more polite and sweet.

2012. Bucharest and Italy

He had to move to Italy, to work there and also to hide from the ones who were chasing him for money. His sister moved to Bucharest and works in a supermarket.

How do I know all of this? Well, she happens to be a reader of this blog for the last 3 months. She asked to meet me and told me her story, insisting that I publish it on my blog.

According to her:

– “My brother was not responsible for what happened to him. He was simply unprepared. A truck driver who was reading gossip newspapers and watching TV shows with scandals and naked women. The school gave him no education at all, no one helped him”.

– “Was he willing to receive help or consulting?” I asked.

“Why not?”

– “Then how the hell did he managed to sell a property for 600.000 Euro?” the question escaped me.

– “Apparently there was a bigger transaction which had to be completed and the investor needed our property in order to finish the deal. They came to find him, he asked for a lot of money and received it  in a few days’ time. For me it was like we had just won the Lottery”.

– “Don’t you think that this “Lottery” became a curse for your family?”

– “Now I am sure it was. Back then it looked like a “gift from God”.

– “Does your brother agree with you?”

– “No. According to him, everyone betrayed him, as he was one step away from glory”.

Looks like Romania lost a new Julius Ceasar…

But I hope that the friends (if any) of this family will realize that earning money by mistake does not necessary mean that you are intelligent.

What is your opinion? 



  1. Ioannis Kalaitzidis Mar 6, 2012

    Amazing story and so true !
    Because of my profession as a penalty lawyer in Greece, i know ten similar stories like this that happened in Athens.
    If you have not earn the money with hard work, you can not estimate its true value and you end spending it in useless activities.

  2. Aris Mar 8, 2012

    so what ? that's life …..  I can't find any interesting issue in your description …..  these are elementary steps  in doing any kind of business ….. blame who the guy was so stupid ?   just himself …..

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