“Bio” investments are here, with great potential for hundreds of investors, authorities, companies and experts. Will you also join Romania’s new promising industry?


We all agree that Renewable Energy is necessary for every country; the debate is just for the ways that it can be implemented in Romania nowadays. In the same time, everyone insists that Agriculture is the industry with the strongest potential in the years to come. During the last 5 years, hundreds of factories have reached great results, especially the exporting ones. Environmental sector is expected to boost over the following period, while the cost of heating for the citizens remains a serious challenge that requires solutions. 


Is there an industry that combines all the above and gives solutions to tens of different problems? “Bio” investments! Biomass or biogas projects, from simple biomass to biogas, anaerobic digestion, waste to energy, recycling and all other categories of the sector (biodiesel, bio methane, bioethanol and more).



“Bio” investments have clear advantages for the Romanian economy and society. Each “Bio” project:

  • Creates tens of jobs, for the next 25 years
  • Cleans up the environment, sometimes with impressive results
  • Can provide low cost heating for the citizens living close to it
  • If implemented in a factory, animal farm etc., transforms a cost into a source of profit, offering higher income for the company and competitiveness (that leads to more jobs)
  • Offers stable energy to the National Grid
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Becomes a source for organic fertilizer, necessary for Bio Agriculture
  • When using crops cultivated in a non-productive land, transforms a less important surface into one that serves the country’s interest.
  • Offers lots of advantages to the national economy, as the biggest part of the budget is spent local.
  • Is an opportunity for the academic community to be involved as well, using the great know how those local universities have in this sector since the ’70s.


“Ready to go”

Once the legal frame regarding Renewable Energy has been clarified, “Bio” investments are ready to become the country’s new promising industry, because:

  • They reply to a real need
  • They offer measurable results for every investor
  • Feed in Tariff (FiT) is prepared for small projects (from 1 KW up to 2 MW) transforming them also into feasible ones.
  • Heating from cogeneration can bring excellent revenues, even by offering it to the citizens with 30 discount in comparison to what they pay today.
  • Fertilizer and other minor sources of income add to the project’s balance sheet
  • Banks start to understand its potential and we have the first ones ready to finance projects.


Room for everyone

“Bio” investments are not a “simple installation”. They apply to many different projects and situations, being flexible to adjust based on the needs of each municipality, or factory or investor. They require tens of professions to get involved, for the next 25 years’ time (as long as the producer’s license). This is an investment that literally requires constant work and it is a factory itself.


Great potential

The Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas is already legitimized by AEBIOM (European Biomass Association) and EBA (European Biogas Association). It represents the “Bio” industry in the country, aiming to transform its great potential into tangible results for the Romanian economy and all the investors, authorities, citizens, companies and experts that will be involved.


The potential is great and now it is the right time to exploit it. Will you also join us and benefit as well? You may be surprised by the results


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Contact ARBIO today and find out how “Bio” investments can offer you many opportunities. Learn why you have many advantages to gain by involving in the “Bio” Industry!


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