Listen to the populists! Don’t insure your properties and in case a natural disaster strikes, beg the State for money


Millions of citizens have been trained by the populists and part of the media so as to believe that there is a life out there without social obligations, only rights. The same populists who constantly cry “why we are not advanced like the rest of the world” do anything possible so as to “protect” the people from paying 1 Euro for something that would make their life better and (the most important) more predictable.

This is why nowadays only 6% of the Romanian properties is insured for natural disasters, as the law says.


Big part of Media are against any change / improvement that implies the minimum cost for people

I am the first one who can confirm to you that many of the decisions that politicians take are wrong or with bad intention. But in the same time there are still politicians who try to resolve problems, push the country to advance and reach the European norms. Unfortunately a big part of the media has forgotten its role which is to criticize with arguments the mistakes and to reward the correct decisions, helping their implementation so as to participate in the positive evolution of our life (an ex journalist tells you that).


So if tomorrow morning the government (any government) proposes a new tax that will resolve major social problems and protect people but will be an additional cost for every one of us, let’s say 5 Lei / month, many media will have titles like:

“My Gooooood, look how much they are stealing us!!!”

“Average Romanian is poor. From where to pay another 5 Lei?”

“Why don’t you take this money from the rich?”

“They don’t care about poor people”

“Băsescu is to blame” or “Ponta is to blame” (these match with almost anything, so it is ok)


(These are the same media that will be posting huge titles for tax evasion etc.)


Nice words for your ears, bitter words for your life

The same happened in the case of private insurance for properties. Lots of media cried over the “poor people who don’t have money to pay”, preparing the perfect ground for populist politicians to “protect” these people and propose to them not to pay this “huge cost” (of 10 – 20 Euro / year).


All these words are nice for your ears, in case you like to be flattered with lies. But they are bitter for your life, when something wrong happens.


When the problem strikes “I only wanted to help, I didn’t know, I am not to blame, the State should pay”

So when a natural disaster strikes, all these ones “who love the people” change attitude. If someone reminds them what they were saying to people, they become upset and then aggressive:

“I only wanted to help, poverty is a big problem in Romania” (as if the responsible people are indifferent to poverty…)

“I didn’t know that it will happen” (as if someone else knew…)

“I am not to blame” (of course, manipulating the people to the wrong direction is never something to blame for, correct)

“The State should pay” (the easiest solution)


Listening to them is bad for your health and life, plus for your interests.


If you don’t insure your properties, you will be the only one to suffer in the “worst case scenario”

After the latest problems in Galati, “the State will try to help the people”. But how much can it really help? Much less than people expect and this is irrelevant to whom is in power.  Unfortunately, all these people who left their properties uninsured will be the ones to suffer, now that the “worst case scenario” occurred in their lives.

The televisions and the populists will cry for some days but then they will continue their program with other important issues, while the families who lost their properties will be left to restart their lives, as if we are in the 19th century. 


Predictability and the German example

Any of you who traveled to Germany or other Western European countries comes back and says that “these are more advanced, more civilized”. But their civilization is built on individual social responsibility, not on populist shouts. All properties are insured, as the State never has enough money for everyone, nor is it its business to have. So if something wrong happens, no one really has to cry, no one has to feel that he lost all he did in life. This is called Predictability and it is a major step in order to make citizens richer throughout the years.


Let me give you an example that a Greek journalist described. It happened to him in Germany, when he went to the kindergarten for his daughter to be subscribed there.

– “You will also need to insure your child for 4.000 Euro, for potential liabilities”

– “Why should I do this? This is just a child”

– “Correct. But if your child throws a stone and hits someone, who pays for the damage occurred?”

(in Greece or Romania the answer would be “this will not happen, if it happens, we will see, we will find a solution”)


Insurance: It costs but it allows us to build a more stable life

Your property (or properties) is usually the most important element of wealth that you have.  Insuring your properties is your only defense so as to protect yourself from all natural disasters. There are very very very very very few people out there who can really convince me that they don’t have 10 Euro per year so as to pay the minimum cost. On the contrary, millions of people would be able to pay more, so as to have a better protection for their property.


The role of the State is to build infrastructure and resolve problems, not to pay for properties destroyed by natural disasters. Once we understand this, we will see our life changing in few years’ time. Changing in a positive way of course…


What is your opinion?


PS. I don’t have any involvement in politics or insurance companies, this is just my logical opinion.


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