Don’t forget the business plan too!



I found a leaflet a few days ago. It belongs to an NGO that is “training people to become entrepreneurs”. I read it carefully, especially because it was addressed to women. I was curious to find out what advice Romanian ladies receive, in order to enter the business world.

Unfortunately I was disappointed. “You need to have a vision, to work hard, be patient” and many other nice and sweet words, encouraging the reader to feel good. But there was nothing regarding the basics: A carefully chosen idea and a business plan!

We are living in 2012. It is really interesting (and annoying) to discover that people are still considered “naïve” and they have to be treated “politely, with sweet words”. The world around us is competitive and tough. Working hard is a must. Being serious is obvious. Respecting the client should be fundamental. These are important but not enough. The really successful Romanians (and foreigners) won the bet by having also ideas, innovation and a business plan. 

One thing is “working”. Another thing is “working with a plan and a strategy”.

Don’t accept just “nice words”. Search for the real world behind them.


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