Colectiv, mentality and souls

Colectiv, mentality and souls


– “Ilia, we were in one of the most luxurious clubs of the country. When one of us vomited, they brought us napkins (!) to clean up the floor…”

– “They did not have the simple professional equipment to clean up?”

– “No…” (10 more serious accusations followed up, including issues that risk people’s lives)

– “So you won’t go there again, I presume”

– “Why not? We will see”

1. Implementation of the Law

When a part of the society (not everyone) avoids responsibility, accepts very low standards and “lives for the moment”, it is normal that lives end up in danger. So we have businesses that do not respect basic rules, while the clients keep coming, drivers who risk their lives for “20 seconds earlier arrival” and “the neighbor’s cow” that is our priority to see dead, instead of us working hard so as to get one too.

We want the Law to be implemented, but usually for the others. We want people to be responsible, but not ourselves. For us there are all kinds of excuses. Actually many of the Laws are written so as to be interpreted “how someone wants”. Not to mention the media, which can find excuses for some accused persons, based on subjective (and sentimental) reasons. Like this, people get used to the idea that “not all thieves are to blame, some of them have families and we should show mercy”. But at the end of the day, avoiding to apply the law due to sentimental excuses is the perfect basis for all kinds of tragedies to happen.

2. “The Government”

Yes, the Government is to blame for tens of different reasons, like the previous ones were too. Yes, tens of public officials seem to have acted wrong in “Colectiv” case (Justice decides and lately the Romanian Justice has proved that it deserves our respect). But next year we have elections. Are we going to vote? Or are we going to passively refuse our right? What will be our criteria?

You know… it is not that German politicians are more responsible than the ones in Greece or in Romania. They simply give to their voters what they are asking for. I believe that there are 30% of public servants that are doing their job well, living in an “eco-system” that is made so as to exist only exceptions and no rules. Yes, we should accuse / convict all the guilty ones but we also need a system without exceptions and laws without interpretations. Are you sure that you want this?

3. Our souls

I am the worst, the last Orthodox Christian of all. Still, I am a Christian due to some fundamental ideas our Jesus has stated: “Love each other”, “God is love and mercy”, “We forgive the ones who made mistakes, even the worst possible ones”.

I personally do not agree with the “Halloween” custom. And I do not think that “they deserved it” because of the Halloween! What I believe is that each person is free to choose and I am taught that God loves him / her. Even when they are making mistakes.

Now… there are tens of people, people who could be our brothers, friends or family… people who lost their lives in that club, or they will suffer for the rest of their lives. Isn’t it better to pray for them than to look satisfied (!) that they “got punished”? Why do we judge people we don’t know, instead of asking for their peace?

When people gathered around Magdalene and took stones so as to throw on her, Jesus stood up and stated to them “He who is without sin can cast the first stone”.


The tragedy in Colectiv can be an (unwanted) example for us all to realize what happens when the laws are not implemented and people hide behind papers instead. If you really want to change something in Romania, it is better to stop accusing the country and all its population in a whole. Instead, ask for the Law to be implemented, exactly as you describe for other countries.

This place of the world has also many citizens who deserve the best, they just need a better environment to live in. It is easy to speculate on feelings, curse a country, its people and everything here. But it will not resolve anything at all.

Romania will never be the same after “Colectiv”. I strongly believe that it will be better…

What is your opinion?


PS. I know, I am a Greek and normally only my Romanian friends are allowed to participate in a discussion regarding who is more to blame in their country. But after 12 years of living here, allow me to state my opinion as well and focus on solutions, not just on whom to blame for …


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